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QUESTION: I found actual stock certificates for shares in two companies that were bought through Canarim Investment corp in 1985

The first is Tappit Resources (2/100 share certificates-200 shares in total); I think Crescent Point Energy merged with Tappit Resources Ltd. around 2002-2003. Are these of any value and still valid ? if so what do I do with them at this point ? and how ?

The other is a 200 share certificate for Mid-Canada Gold and Copper Mines limited. Same question as above. I think this Company merged with Consolidated Abitibi (possibly around 1999). Abitibi was acquired by AUR Resources. In 2007 Aur was acquired by Teck Cominco.

ANSWER: From the information I have available:

Tapit was acquired by Crescent Point Energy Trust on the basis of 0.19 of a Trust Unit for each share of Tappit. Crescent Point reconverted out of the Trust and is now Crescent Point Energy, which trades for about $24 a share. You will need to contact Crescent Point's current transfer agent, Computershare ( They will know if the old shares are valid and, if so, can reorganize them into the new shares.

Mid-Canada did amalgamate into Consolidated Abitibi in 1989 on the basis of 1 Abitibi share for every 5.7903 Mid-Canada shares. Abitibi was acquired by Aur on the basis of 1 Aur shares for every 22 Abilibi shares. Aur was acquired by Teck Cominco on the basis of .8749 of a Class B subordinate voting share of Teck and 0.01 cent in cash for each Aur share. Teck Cominco is now Teck Resources. You will have to contact the current transfer agent ( to determine the current value.

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QUESTION: Thank you: I got in touch with both transfer agents. But I ran across an interesting situation with canstockta (for Mid Canada). I was only able to get through to the call center. The call center representative asked for the Certificate Number. When I provided it they said the shares had been claimed by someone else around 2011. This is surprising given I have the actual Certificate.  I will send a fax to CST advising them I am the rightfull owner and request they investigate who clained my shares. The shares were purchased through Canarim and held by Davidson Partners Limited. I have my statement from Davidson Partners limited and the delivery notice that accompanied the actual share certificate when Davidson sent me it in 1985. Their name is on the certificate. The delivery notice also noted the certificate number on it. Is there a way to find out what happened to Davidson Partners Limited? They have not been in business since the late 1980's. Who would have carried on with their responsibilities to clients ? I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions ?

ANSWER: That is a very interesting and unfortunate situation. It has happened that some opportunists claim old certificates to which they are not entitled. They believe the old owners are lost and won't claim the assets, so they fake documentation and have new shares issued. That may have happened here, although the amount of money involved suggests it may have just been an error on the transfer agent's part. It is also possible that someone from Davidson Partners claimed the assets even though they are not entitled.

Canarim is now Canaccord, so you can contact them and see if they have any information regarding Davidson. In regards to the agent, it sounds as if you are doing exactly what you need to do. Issue them notice that you believe you are the rightful owner of those shares and you have the documentation to prove it. Hopefully that will spur Canstock to open an investigation and hopefully you will get what is owed to you.

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QUESTION: I contacted CST about the Mid Canada Gold and Copper shares advising them that I was the right full owner of the shares and requested an investigation. The response I got back was "please be advised that the deadline for the sunset clause for the plan of arrangement involving Teck Resources and Teck Cominco has already passed".
My question is: Is this correct ? Or how does one confirm this and does this mean that I can't pursue this further ?
It also doesn't address the issue that someone else claimed my certificates.
Can you offer any further suggestions at this point ?

That is a very disappointing response from CST, but not surprising. Some mergers in Canada do have Sunset Clauses which require the shares to be exchanged by a certain date or else they are cancelled. I hate them and find no logical reason why they should be allowed to deny a holder of their ownership.

I suggest you contact CST and/or Teck and request more information regarding the Sunset Clause which governed this transaction. Make them provide you with the legal documentation to which they refer. Don't just take their word for it - get it in writing.

And you are right - it does not address the issue that someone claimed your certificates. It is very curious that happened in a Sunset Clause stock. It is as if someone knew those shares were to be cancelled and assigned them to themselves. I suggest you copy the Ontario Securities Commission on all correspondence with CST and demand again, in writing, more information on who claimed your certificates. If they stonewall you again, you need to send a formal letter of complaint about CST to the Ontario Securities Commission and/or all other applicable Canadian Provincial securities commissions. You deserve answers, and clearly CST will do everything they can to deny you that because it likely shows they had something to do with the assignment of your certificates to someone else.

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