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Canadian Stocks/old stock certificates worth anything?


I'm going through my late father's files and came across several stock certificates.  Have tried searching online with no success to see if they are still worth anything.  Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated:
Warstar Resources Inc 1980, 1987
Multinational Resources Inc 1987
Green Valley Mine Inc  1985
Lockwood Petroleum Inc 1983
Lakewood Mining Co 1980
Universal Trident Industries 1980
Consolidated Ascot Petroleum Corp 1983
Westar Group Ltd 1995

Diane, from the information I have available:

Warstar has no value. The Company was dissolved in the early 1990's.

Multinational had a 1 for 5 reverse split and became New Guinea Gold. New Guinea is currently suspended from trading, but last traded at 1/2 a cent a share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( about the old shares.

Green Valley had several name changes and reverse splits and became Cercal Minerals.  Cercal ran into serious financial difficulty in 1994 and was suspended, delisted, and cease-traded in 1994. No current value.

Lockwood had a merger (0.1586 of a new share for each old Lockwood share) and a reverse split (1 for 4) and became Sultan Minerals, which is trading for about 1/2 of a cent. The current transfer agent is also Computershare.

Lakewood had a 1 for 15 reverse split and became Golden Secret, which currently trades for about 3 cents per share. The current transfer agent is also Computershare.

Universal had 2 reverse splits (1 for 3 and 1 for 2) and became Stingray Copper which was acquired by Mercator Minerals in 2009 on the basis of 0.25 of a Mercator share for each share of Stingray. Mercator went bankrupt in 2014 and it is unlikely that common shareholders will receive any consideration, but you should contact the current transfer agent (also Computershare) just in case.

Consolidated Ascot had a 1 for 6 reverse split before being acquired by Revenue Properties in 1991 on the basis of 1 Revenue share for every 7.5 old shares. Revenue later had a 1 for 7 reverse split and then did a 1 for 32 reverse split immediately followed by a 32 for 1 forward split designed to eliminate all small shareholders. Shareholders of less than 32 shares at that time received $12.15 cash per share. The registered holder should have received a check at that time. If not, you can search online for the lost cash at and If your father had more than 32 shares, Revenue was later acquired by Morguard.

Westar was acquired in 1997 for $70 cash per share. The process is the same as above - the holder should have received a check at that time. If not, search the missing property offices for the lost cash.  

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