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I have 25 UGG Series A Convertable Preferred Shares and 146 AgricoreUnited Limited Voting Common . Viterra bought the company that bought out Agricore. I have talked to a company rep at Viterra, who tells me these shares are worthless. How can I verify this?

John, from the information I have available, I agree with the Rep at Viterra. However, that does not necessarily mean there is no value for you.

Agricore was acquired in 2007 for $20.50 per share cash. Any shares which were not tendered in the buyout and paid were later taken up under a mandatory purchase and all certificates cancelled. Checks would have been sent to all shareholders whose addresses were known and valid. Those that were lost, which presumably included you, would have had their money due turned over the government of the shareholder's last known address for safekeeping. That money may still be available and waiting for you to claim it.

What you need to do is check the lost property offices of every State or Province in which you lived from the date you first acquired the certificates until today. You can search many of them online for free at or Search using your name exactly as it appears on the certificate. If you do find the money, the government department will take you through the steps you need to satisfy to claim the money.

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