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My husbands father passed away and we found this in his papers, and we're wondering if it's worth anything. It was signed on July 23, 1958. The name is New Surpass Petrochemicals Limited, 10 shares. It was countersigned and registered with Prudential Trust Company Limited, Toronto. Thanks.

Donna, from the information I have available, the Company changed its name to Surpass Chemicals before being acquired by Witco Chemical Corporation in 1989 on the basis of 1.5 Witco for each share of Surpass. Witco is a US company, so I have limited information on the Company. But, it appears it has also gone through numerous acquisitions and may now be Chemtura, which trades on the NYSE of about $26.50 per share. I suggest you contact Chemtura's current transfer agent ( and see if they have your husband's father as a shareholder.

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