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My husband was going through old paperwork from his mother's estate and has discovered oodles of old shares. Your name popped up when I was trying to find the disposition of some of these shares, so I'm hoping you can help point us in the right direction to see if the companies still exist/have value:

Tundra Gold Mines Limited
Coronation Resources Canada Inc (Ontario)
Hummingbird Resources LTD
Lake City Mines Inc
Shiningtree Resources Inc (Ontario)

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Dachary, from the information I have available:

Golden Tundra was suspended and delisted by the TSX Venture Exchange in 1994. I do not believe it was ever revived, so no current value.

Coronation was cease-traded in 1984 and that order remains in effect. That strongly suggests there is no current value.

Hummingbird was dissolved in the early 1990's. No value.

Lake City has a sordid history and appears to have gone defunct in the early 1990's. No current value.

Shiningtree was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 1997. Those orders remain in effect. No current value.  

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