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I have a certificate from my grandfather who passed away some 30 years ago. I have several of them but I'd like to start with just one for now.
The company is called "AMOS MINES LIMITED" could you tell me what the worth of 8 shares are worth today?

Thank you.

Dan, from the information I have available, Amos Mines sold their assets to Jonpol Exploration for Jonpol shares, which they then distributed to shareholders and dissolved. Amos holders received 1 Jonpol share for every 7.5 Amos shares. Jonpol later became Eastern Platinum, which had a 1 for 1000 reverse split in 2014. That would have wiped out your Grandfather's position. Shareholders with less than 1000 original shares received 11 cents per share. Based on the original 8 shares, it would have just been 11 cents distributed at that time - not enough for a stamp, unfortunately.  

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