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I have come across several old stock certificates and was hoping to get some information about the companies and possible value. There is no indication of them being cancelled and all bear the signature of the transfer agent and the issuing company legal seal. All were incorporated in Ontario Canada.

General Calcium Corporation Limited          100 shares dated Dec. 27, 1928
Kirkland Consolidated Mines, Limited          100 shares dated Sept. 12, 1935
Richland Oil Development Company of Canada Ltd.          500 shares dated June 23, 1952
New Hosco Mines Limited.          1500 shares dated July 12, 1963
Patricia Silver Mines Limited.          25 shares dated Feb. 22, 1966
Gradore Mines Limited.          40 shares dated May 9, 1966

If you could provide any information regarding the above mentioned companies that would be appreciated. All certificates are in good to excellant condition.

Joan, from the information I have available:

I have no information on General Calcium, although the certificate predates much of the information I have available and the Great Depression, which is not a good sign.

Kirkland Consolidated had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the 1940s. No current value.

Richland had a name change and then a merger into Todola Drilling. I have no further information on the merger ratio or what happened to Todola.

New Hosco was dissolved in the 1970's. No current value.

Patricia had several name changes and at least one reverse split (1 for 2.5) and became Minpro International, which was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 2002. That cease trade order remains in effect. No current value.

Gradore surrendered its charter and was dissolved in the 1970's. No current value.

For General Calcium and Richland, I suggest you either contact Ontario as the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available, or contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.  

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