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My mother recently passed away and in perusing her papers I came across two stock certificates. One was for Capital stock of Canadian NewNorth Resources Limited , dated September 23, 1982.  This certificate had no par value and the other was White Star Copper Mines, dated Sept 9, 1981. It had a par value of 95 cents/share. Is there currently any value for each and secondly how do I proceed? Thank you.

I also have in my possession a number of confirmations of stock purchases but no confirmations of these stocks being sold. Is there a process to see if the stock purchases were ever sold?

Ed, from the information I have available:

Canadian NewNorth was part of a share selling scheme and was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 1990. The cease-trade orders remain in effect. No current value.

White Star was cease-traded in 2000 and failed to file its required financial information after 2002. I believe it is defunct, but you can try contacting the successor transfer agent ( and see if they have any information.

For the confirmations, there is no process that can tell you about those shares. If you have account statements, you can contact the brokerage firm and see what information they have. Or you can contact the transfer agent for each company listed in the confirmations and see if they have your mother listed as a shareholder.

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