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I have come across 2 separate stocks . I would like to know if they are worth any value .
 Valavaara Enviromental Technologies LTD. 100 shares Dated Jan. 25, 1994 #02246 .
Imperial Plas Tech Inc. 27 shares Dated Sept. 09 ,1998 #05197

Alan, from the information I have available:

Valavaara has no value. The Company had several name changes and reverse splits and became Exploro Minerals, which was suspended and cease-traded in 1999 after they had financial difficulties. That cease-trade order remains in effect.

Imperial Plas Tech went through numerous name changes, reverse splits and mergers and is now Peak Gold, which trades for about $3.00 per share. Unfortunately, due to the ratios of the splits and mergers, I don't believe the original 27 shares has any significant value in New Gold today, but I suggest you contact the current transfer agent ( who should be able to tell you definitively based on your share certificate.

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