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Hi, i have a few shares for South Crofty Holdings ltd (168 tp be exact) i cant find any trace of them apart from on the bottom of the share certificate where it says : shares represented by this certificate are transferable at the offices of Montreal Trust Company of Canada,Vancouver,BC or Toronto.
Would be gratefull if you could shed some light asto where they are now
Many Thanks

Kevin Giles

Kevin, South Crofty has had an interesting ride since they closed the South Crofty Mine in Cornwall in 1998. They tried to move into geothermal energy, then gold exploration, and now computer data. They had a 1 for 10 reverse split, then a merger where shareholders received 0.0622 of a new share for each old share, then they spun out two new companies to shareholders and changed their name to Velocity Data, which trades for about 1 cent. You will need to contact the current transfer agent ( about your old shares and to have them reorganized into the new shares.

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