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Recently a friend passed away and i
his wife found some old stock certificates. Are they worth anything?

1) Malahide Petroleum Corporation - 500 shares - incorporated in Ontario - issued May 30, 1997 - Montreal Trust Company was transfer agent

2) Universal Genetics Corporation Limited - 200 shares - Incorporated in Alberta - issued Dec 01, 1989 - transfer agent central Guaranty Trust Company

3) Roycefield Resources Ltd. 72 shares - incorportaed in Ontario - issued August 08, 1991 - National Trust Company was the transfer agent

4) Triple Play Sports Group Inc. - 300 shares = incorporated in Ontario - issued June 26, 1997 - Equity Transfer Services Inc., Toronto was the transfer agent

Thanks for any assistance

Ross, from the information I have available:

Malahide had a 1 for 20 reverse split before being acquired by Enquest PLC on the basis of 0.089626 of an Enquest share for each old share. Enquest is still around and is traded in London. Unfortunately, due to the reverse split and acquisition, it is unlikely the shares have much current value, but I suggest you contact Enquest and their transfer agent through the contact information on their website -

Universal Genetics became Starbright Capital and was delisted in 1997. I do not have any information on what happened to Starbright. The transfer agent Guarantee Trust is long defunct, so I suggest you contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search.

Roycefield is defunct. They had serious financial difficulty and all their assets were seized by their lender. No value.

Triple Play had a 1 for 10 reverse split and became Bonanza Blue. Bonanza is still around but the stock does not currently trade anywhere. The current contact information is

36 Toronto Street
Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2C5

Contact Name - Carmelo Marrelli
416 848-0106

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