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I was recently going thru some old files and I found some stocks I purchased years ago from Rosmar Corp. Ltd. in Toronto.  They are probably void by now but could you check.  
1. Lynco Resources Inc. (Formerly Lynco Mining Development Inc.   gold shares
2. Golden Falcon Explorations Inc.
3. Bald Eagle Explorations Inc.
4. Golden Bear Explorations Inc.

Any information you can give me would be appreciated.
Thank You. Jake

Jake, from the information I have available:

Lynco had 5 name changes and at least 3 reverse splits (1 for 2, 1 for 3, and 1 for 5) and became Greenlight Communications, which ran into financial trouble and was cease-traded in 1999. That order remains in effect. No current value.

Golden Falcon has multiple name changes and 3 reverse splits (1 for 6, 1 for 13, and 1 for 3) and became Western D'Eldona, which was acquired by Paramount Resources in 1992 for $3.25 cash per share. If you had any shares remaining after the reverse splits, you should have received a check at that time.

Bald Eagle had two name changes and at least one reverse split (1 for 8) and became Megacard Technologies. Megacard was cease-traded in 1983. I believe that order is still in effect, which would mean no current value.

Golden Bear had a 1 for 14 reverse split and became Telephony Communications International Inc. The stock was cease-traded, and I believe those orders remain in effect, which means no current value.  

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