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Are these certificates registered and transferred with guaranty trust company of Canada worth anything today? Security description- chemalloy minerals LTd. date of transfer- 5/3/1973. Date delivered May10,1973 certificate numbers-137362x200 shares...the international chemalloy corporation sent a proxy to us in 1982. The forms of this proxy were to be deposited with the transfer agent , guarananty trust company of Canada ,5th floor,88 university ave, Toronto. January 22,1982.... Apparently the certificates are fully insured as well. Look forward to your reply ....

Tim, from the information I have available, the Company had multiple name changes and reverse splits (1 for 3, then 1 for 100, then 1 for 40, and then 1 for 20) and became Atlantis Systems, which was acquired in 2013 for 2.76 cents per share cash. Due to the huge number of reverse splits, it seems your certificates were probably reversed out of existence, and even if they did have only 1 or 2 shares, the small cash payout on any remaining shares is probably not worth pursuing, unfortunately.  

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