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After finding very useful info here on old Canadian stock that has gone underground since the 70s and 80s, I thought I'd ask about a few companies for which I haven't been able to turn up very much detail (on the web, or via estate records), but for which I hold a deceased parent's certificates:

> Geogian Bancorp
> Ramada North Bay
> Real Property Trust
> British International Finance (or York Centre Corp, which I think it became later on)

Any idea what happened to these ones?

Thanks in advance for anything you have to share!

Mark, from the information I have available:

Georgian Bancorp was suspended, cease-traded and delisted in the early 2000's. No current value.

Real Property Trust was wound up in 1990. Unit holders received cash distributions in 1989 as the assets were sold and distributed.

British International Finance did become York Centre Corp, which then became Georgian Bancorp.

I have no information on Ramada North Bay. It sounds as if it might be an interest in a specific property and was not publicly traded. I suggest you contact the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available.

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