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One of my clients has a share certificate for Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. from May 31, 1974 and is wondering what its value would be today.  How could we find out?

Thanks for your help.

Dawn Miller
H&R Block

Dawn, from the information I have available, Grouse Mountain was acquired by Western Delta Lands in 1989 and taken private. Western Delta is owned by the McLaughlin family, who still owns and operates the resort. The shareholder should have received cash for their shares back in 1989, but I have no information on what the consideration was per share. I suggest you could contact Grouse Mountain directly and inquire.

Also, that certificate likely has some value to collectors. With Grouse Mountain being so prominent and well-known in Vancouver, it is probably sought after by certificate collectors as art. That should be something your client should look into if they don't want to keep the certificate themselves.

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