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Hi Steven,   
My Question is similar to an earlier question posed about an old stock.  I recently found a stock certificate for Lake Superior Mining Corporation Ltd (No. 530 and dated March 27, 1950) and registered with The Eastern Trust Company, Toronto, ON (March 29, 1950).  The stock certificate is for 100 shares.  The authorized capital was for $3,000,000 divided into 3,000,000 shares of the par value of $1:00 each.  My father purchased the stocks and has passed away.  Is there any monetary value to this certificate or do I just toss it in the garbage? I also have a diagram of the ore shoot in the Hemlo area.

Ann, from the information I have available, the shares have no current value. The Company was dissolved in the mid-1960's.

The diagram of the Hemlo ore shoots sounds quite interesting. It is possible that may have some value to collectors. They might also have some interest in the Lake Superior certificate for some nominal value. I suggest you perform some research on the possible values online at collectors websites.

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