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I have a stock certificate issued by Able Land & Minerals Limited.
The transfer agent was Crown Trust and Company, Toronto
The issue date  as stamped on the bottom is Nov 17, 1959
Certificate number is 03414
There is another number printed on the top which is,  565-980-1
Stock certificate is for forty shares

Could you tell me if this has any value?

Thank you.

Alexander, from the information I have available, the Company was dissolved in the 1960's. But, shareholders might have received shares of Canaveral International Inc. on the basis of 1 Canaveral share for every 20 Able shares. I have no information on Canaveral, but it is likely the Canaveral certificates were mailed to all the Able shareholders and they were not required to submit the old Able certificate first, which may be why you still have the old certificate.

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