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Hi Steven,

These stocks were in with my grandmother's possessions.  Can you give me any information on them?

Obonga Lake Gold Mining Syndicate
5 shares issued 3rd Aug 1934. No.110

Montco Copper Corporation Limited
2x500 shares issued 13 Jun 1956 by Crown Trust Co. No. 0717 &0718

Thank you in advance.


Elena, from the information I have available:

I have no information on the Gold syndicate. Syndicates are not publicly traded securities. Instead, they were formed under different regulations and were formed to raise money to explore a specific property or area. The shares were sold to a very small number of people, usually friends and family. When the money ran out, the syndicate disbanded and if the property had any potential value, it was usually sold to a public company for shares which were then distributed to the syndicate members.

Montco copper had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1960's. No current value.

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