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Hello Folks,

I have found three sets of share certificates in an old file of my Fathers.  He passed in 2013.

I read online that the Westore Mines Limited shares are probably worthless as there is only 167 of them and were traded off or paid out.  Anyways I have a certificate for 167 Shares, it says on the certificate "for shareholders only" "not transferable".

Secondly I have a certificate of 100 shares of Forbes Lake Mining Corporation dated Mar 17, 1956, and another for 400 shares dated April 30, 1956, thus a total of 500 shares for Forbes Lake Mining  Corporation.

What ever you can tell me about these two old mining companies would be great.

Thank you Kindly,

Cole, from the information I have available:

Yes, the Westore would have been paid off after it did the 1 for 13 reverse and became Bison, then did the 1 for 100 reverse in order to eliminate all the odd-lot holders. They almost certainly sent a check to the registered holders and did not require the submission of the old certificate first.

Forbes Lake is the same as Westore. It did a 1 for 3 reverse to Westore, which would explain the 500 shares of Forbes translated into 167 of Westore. The transfer agent almost certainly send the new Westore certificate and did not require the submission of the old Forbes certificate, which is why you have both.

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