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My father passed away in 1996 and I discovered some shares in his belongings from the La Salle Yellowknife Gold Mines Limited dating back to 1946. I'm curious to find out if these are of any value.

Harold, from the information I have available, that is a very interesting certificate. It has gone through a number of name changes and acquisitions. The capital changes are 1 for 10, then 1 for 4, then 0.98456 for 1, then 0.896 for 1, then a 1 for 3 reverse split, then 0.6 for 1, and is currently Penn West Petroleum, which trade for about $1.30 per share. You will need to contact Penn West's transfer agent ( to determine if the old certificate is valid and, if so, to have it reorganized into the new shares.

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