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Canadian Stocks/Old UGG/Agricore Share cert.values?


I am currently in possession of some old United Grain Growers share certificates.  Some are limited voting common shares
in my name from when I was farming years ago ( UGG Agricore United dated NOv. 2001
) and some are in my parents names ( long-deceased )
Most are limited voting common shares ( dated March 1993) and some are Series A-convertible preferred shares (dated March 1993)

Can you please tell me what their value is and who I need to contact to arrange for cashing them in?

Thank you in advance

Cal, UGG went through several mergers and became part of Viterra, which was acquired by Glencore in 2012 for $16.25 cash per share. If those certificates were valid, and were never exchanged, a check would have been issued for the shares. If they could not locate the registered holders, the money would have been turned over to the government in the jurisdiction of the last known address of the holder. You can search online for the money at and - search in every jurisdiction in which you and your parents lived from the time the certificates were issued until the acquisition in 2012. Search using the names exactly as they appear on the certificates.

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