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It is a few years later since you were asked this question last.  We are holding 50 shares of rhyolite rouyn mines ltd purchased in 1931.  Are these shares now trading under TRE on the TSX.  And are they now only worth 5 shares because of the reverse split or was there any positive splits that occurred after 1931.

Roy, Sino-Forest is defunct and they have no value. It was a fraud. The Ontario Securities Commission case against the management is winding up right now, but back in 2013 the shareholders settled a class action against the auditors for $117 million and various banks and insiders for millions more. Unfortunately, the deadline for shareholders to file a claim for payment was back in February 2014. Since the shares represented by your certificate were acquired prior to the class action period, they were unlikely to be eligible for payment, anyway.

Unfortunately, the only value your shares may have is nominal value to collectors as art.

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