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The family is trying to sort out a few investments made years ago. Trend Capital changed to Marchment & Mackay and I see that my father had invested in Nickeldale Resources and Maradona Resources We are unable to notify them, how do we get in touch with them to see if this is available.

Also it appears he invested in First investors and transferred moneys to RRSP Is there a number we can contact them?. I think this was a insurance policy he changed over to RRSP Im still

Thanks you

Cindy, from the information I have available:

Marchment & Mackay was finally thrown out of business by the Ontario Securities Commission in the late 1990's for rigging penny stocks and selling them to their clients. They committed fraud on their clients, and most of the stocks they sold were also frauds. Any of their accounts who had value at the time of the shutdown were transferred to other brokers, but you will have to contact the Ontario Securities Commission to see if they have a record of where your father's account may have gone.

For the First Investors, I only know of the 1st Investors in the US. I don't know if they ever had a Canadian arm that offered RRSP's. I suggest you also request information from the OSC at the above link and see if such a firm was ever registered in Ontario and, if so, where you can contact them.  

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