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After reading a number of questions you have answered I noticed a lot of stock certificate owned by my dad are now worth nothing.   I have a question about one he purchased in 1985.  250 shares of Falcon Point Resources Limited. I had a company follow it up in the year 2000, telling me they were now Ontario Hose Specialties and it was worth 31.25 shares, the were worthless at .001  making them valued at 3.125cents

the other stock I believe are useless now were:
Impact Capital Resourses
Planetsafe Enviro Corporation
Inland National Capital LTD
Impact Capital Resources

any value at all to these or are they wallpaper

Dan, from the information I have available:

Ontario Hose had a 1 for 30 reverse split and became Enterprise Energy, which was acquired by LNG Energy Ltd. on the basis of 5 LNG shares for every Enterprise share. In 2013, LNG had a name change and a 1 for 20 reverse split, which almost certainly wiped out the few remaining shares your Dad had.

Impact had a 1 for 4.7 reverse split and several name changes and became Simplex Solutions, which was delisted and cease-traded in 2007.

Neither Planetsafe or Inland have any value. Planetsafe went broke in 1997 and Inland had regulatory issues.

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