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I have found some old shares certificates and am wondering if they still have any value. I have one from Marlin Capital Foods LTD. dated September 1990,one from Parflo Mines&Energy Corp. dated September 1986 and 2 from SOOCANA EXPLORATIONS LTD.dated October 1987 and November 1987.Thank you for your time hoping for some answers.

Sandra, from the information I have available:

Marlin had two reverse splits and name changes before being suspended, cease-traded and delisted in 2003. No current value.

Parflo had two name changes and reverse splits and became Racad Technologies, which was suspended, cease-traded and delisted in 2005. No current value.

Soocana had a 1 for 2 reverse split and became Plata-Peru, which was suspended, cease-traded and delisted in 2002. Several years later they tried to swap their assets in Peru for shares in a European Company, but I do not believe they were successful as their debt and liabilities exceeded the value of the shares they were to receive.

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