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Hello. My name is Tom Wood. I am executor for my step-brother, John Juby, who passed away April 6,2016. We are trying to value shares he had accumulated so we can put a value on his estate for tax purposes. He had 3000 shares of Grand Saguenay Mines and Minerals, 1250 shares of  Lea Security International Inc., 350 shares of Mangrove Bay Resources INC.,500 shares of  Landmark Corp. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Tom, from the information I have available:

Grand Saguenay had a 1 for 5 reverse split and became HMH China, which is still around. Unfortunately, the stock is not listed for trading anywhere, so it is very difficult to put a value on it. I suggest you contact the current transfer agent ( and see if they can provide the information you need.

I have no information on Lea Security. If there is a transfer agent listed on the certificate, I would contact them and see what information they have.

Mangrove Bay became Mirror Oilfield, which was cease-traded in 1994. No current value.

Landmark had a 1 for 10 reverse split and became Landmark Global Financial, which was suspended, cease-traded and delisted in 2014. No current value.

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