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Mr. Taylor, while clearing stashed away paper files which belonged to my long deceased father, I came across several share certificates.  I told my mom I would try to establish if any of the certificates have current value.  
Here is the list:
3,000 shares of Cymbal Explorations Inc.
300 shares of Chapel Bay Explorations Inc.
2,000 shares of Mercier Explorations Ltd.
500 shares of Bald Eagle Explorations Inc.
100 shares of Coxheath Gold Holdings Ltd.
100 shares of French Road Explorations Ltd.
3,000 shares of Nolan Lake Explorations Inc.
1,000 shares of Putt-Putt Golf Courses of Canada Inc.

If any of the above list have value, what is the process to turn these in for cash value?
We appreciate any assistance you are able to provide.

Jean, from the information I have available:

Cymbal had several name changes and reverse splits (1 for 5 and 1 for 10) and became Ronin Resources, which was cease traded and delisted in 2002. Those orders remain in effect. No current value.

Chapel Bay had several name changes and a 1 for 3 reverse split and became Thunder Bumpers, which was dissolved in the mid-1990's. No current value.

Mercier had many name changes, acquisitions and stock splits (1.1 for 1, then 1 for 11 reverse split, and another 1 for 30 reverse split) and is currently HudBay Minerals, which trades for about $6.70 per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent ( to have the old shares reorganized into the new shares.

Bald Eagle had two name changes and a 1 for 8 reverse split and became Megacard Technologies, which was cease traded in 1983. No current value.

Coxheath had serious financial difficulties and was suspended, delisted and cease traded in the early 1990's. No current value.

French Road and Coxheath are the same company due to a name change.

Nolan Lake had multiple reverse splits (1 for 5 and 1 for 10) and name changes and became White Pine Resources, which voluntarily delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange earlier this year. The company may still be alive, however, so I suggest contacting the current transfer agent ( for additional information.

Putt-Putt had two name changes and became Worldtec Sciences Inc. I have no information on what happened to Worldtec.

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