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1) I just want to thank you all for volunteering to do this free service...paying it forward is the right thing to do.

2) My wife recently passed and, in her files, I found one labeled, "T.E. Slanker". It contained 1000 shares of "NCA Minerals Corp" certificates, purchased 9/16/81.
The certificate says it was incorporated in British Columbia and I don't know what to do with that information. Also, it appears, from the internet, that NCA was dissolved in 1995 and based in Portland, Or.

PASTED FROM THE INTERNET: Nca Minerals Corporation is a corporation entity based in Yerington, Nevada. Nca Minerals Corporation is named as a claimant in 36 closed mines.

3) so, there are two entities: T.E. Slanker & NCA Minerals?? I don't know how they are related and if it matters....
I have no idea if these certificates are worth anything or perfect for the shredder.

Thanks sin are providing a wonderful service!!!

Richard, from the information I have available:

T.E. Slanker refers to Ted Slanker, a penny stock tout and former broker in Portland. In 1982, he was charged and subsequently thrown out of the brokerage business by the SEC for numerous securities violations. He likely sold your wife the NCA shares.

NCA was dissolved in 1995. There was no value for common shareholders, so unfortunately, the certificates have no current value.

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