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Wendy Elias wrote at 2016-01-13 22:40:30
WOW! Wow! wow! I am just SO EXCITED to used food coloring to color my soap! Yippee kay Ay! The other web sites said it was not possible as the food color wouldn't mix? My mind was like, "what? It's water, for Pete's sake) Anyway, when you explained to add it last, my brain feels so much better! Lol!

A million THANKS!!!

(I have SO MUCH food coloring because a daughter o' mine was into baking wonderfully designed and delicious cakes, for, what felt like a minute! Oy vay!) So, lucky me, I have an abundance of color, a dairy goat, and a stainless steel pot! Whoop! <3  

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Terry Knorr


I can answer most questions concerning the making of handmade soaps. Those which I cannot answer, I am willing to research for you.


Began making and selling handmade soaps under the name of Earth Soaps in 1994. Have since expanded under the name Good Earth Herbs to 24 different soaps. We do both retail and wholesale business. I also teach two different classes on soapmaking: a basic class and an advanced class.

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