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Dear Madeline, I have read you biography and I promise to read and rate your response within three days.  I understand that your time is valuable, that you are most likely spending at least 45 minutes of your time in response to my question, and I understand too that when questioners read and rate your responses fairly that you make random donations to animal shelters to help homeless animals.  In the interest of being appreciative of your time AND helping shelter dogs and cats, I agree that I will rate your response and give you fair feedback.
  We got a dog 2 years ago that is a German Wirehaired Pointer. He is almost 3 years old though. He has become attached to my dad. Obsessed would be an even better word. He waits at the window for him everyday to return from work and when he sees him pull in the driveway he goes nuts barking and literally sprinting around the house uncontrollably. Even though I know a dogs is a mans best friend, this dog literally is by my dads side 24/7, which obviously means he is protective of him as well. I'm 20 years old and have lived here the whole time and the dog is ALWAYS nice to me. He cuddles with me in bed and is just the sweetest dog. But there have been 3 instances in the past 2 years where the dog has turned on me. Each time it occurred in the bedroom where my dad is at night. 2 times the dog was asleep, when I walked into the room and he didn't know who I was and attacked me until I yelled, which I kinda thought was understandable. But last night something very different occurred. I went into the room and dog was awake and I even talked to him saying hello and he knew it was me. My dad was awake and talking to me as well so it was nothing weird or sudden. I went to walk by the dog and he attacked me he ripped the side of my jacket off and got my skin a little bit. It was the scariest thing that has ever occurred to me. My dad actually had to punch him in the face in order for him to release from me. My dad along with the rest of the family doesn't understand why the dog did this. He seems to act fine to everyone else in the family, but has only attacked me. What are the steps we need to follow with this dog? My dad wants to get help immediately because if he turned on me, he can turn on anyone. My dad never wants me to be in danger again let alone anyone else. It's not like this dog is vicious. We have a 5 pound dog who is the alpha dog and barks at this dog all the time and the German Wirehaired has never growled or misbehaved with the small dog ever. Any help on what we need to do would be greatly appreciated.


Today I made donations in the amount of $40 to shelters in response to two recent questioners who read, and then RATED fairly, my responses.  It is too bad that you have not yet rated my response since July.  Don't you want to help animals with donations by simply providing a fair rating for the time I took to respond to your question?


Hi Samantha,

Thank you for doing a most excellent job of perusing my biography before submitting a question, which I greatly appreciate.  You have also done a very nice job in your question submission, providing me with enough detail so that I can respond thoughtfully to your question.

Your dad is absolutely correct in wanting to obtain immediate help in regard to your German wirehaired pointer, which, by the way, is a breed I absolutely love and hope to have one day as a companion.  By help, I don't mean simply asking a question of a volunteer at AllExperts, although that's a good start in order to guide you - I mean in-person, professional help, and I would start with a veterinary behaviorist (see to find one closest to your area).  A vet behaviorist is a veterinarian who has a specialization in the behavior of companion animals, mostly dogs and cats.  There are less than 50 in the country, so it is truly an area of specialization for a veterinarian.  You can find out more on the Web site.  If there's not one close to where you live, start with your regular veterinarian.

It's not normal for any dog to attack a family member in the way you described your family dog has done.  While some people might write the first two attacks off as the dog having been startled, which you suggest is what may have happened, I'm not so apt to do so.  As you've explained, the third attack clearly seemed as if the dog should have known you were a family member, and I agree.  Although I'm not a vet, the behavior has elements of seizure-related activity to me, and I would discuss the possibility with a veterinarian behaviorist as my first choice to see whether they feel this might be a contributing factor to what you've described.

In the meantime, some management steps I would suggest your father take are to have the dog crated or gated in the room, so that if anyone enters who may be viewed as an intruder by the dog, or something else which may be going on is triggered in him, he won't be able to attack.  Your father is wise, too, to suspect that the dog could show such aggression to others.  I would suggest that, for now, until you know what's going on with the dog and if there are any medical contributors to his behavior, that you not be alone and unsupervised with the dog, nor should anyone be who can not physically control the dog.  I would suggest having the dog drag a leash at all times under supervision (not when he's alone) so that he's more easily controlled if his behavior becomes out of control suddenly.  At other times, I would have the dog crated or securely gated so that when people enter, the dog is not loose.

You say that the dog is very attached to your father.  I would suggest, as part of any rehabilitation for this dog, to make the dog more dependent on you, again with supervision.  That is, I would feed the dog, walk him, and start taking care of his needs for a while while your father purposefully ignores the dog.  I think taking a training class with him is a good idea, so that he learns to follow cues which come from you as well as bonds with you.  Make sure that the trainer in any such class has a good idea of what's been going on with the dog as well as uses ONLY positive methods in training your dog.

This is a serious situation and one where I feel you do need to seek in-person professional assistance.  Until I see a dog such as the one you describe and evaluate him, I can't offer more than I'm offering right now in terms of addressing his training, because the issue you describe is so serious and may have medical implications in addition to behavioral ones, which I suspect.  However, I hope my suggestions and my guidance have been helpful and put you on the right track to getting your dog help.

Best regards,
Madeline at AllExperts  

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