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I have a 11yo female desexed husky.
She usually spends her day outside while we are at work, then comes inside when we gethome of an evening. She sleeps in the lounge room. She is a very friendly dog and not particularly nervous usually.
Lateley she has been reluctant to come inside even with treats as encouragement. If we carry her in she is happy to sit next to us on the couch without problem.
When we go to bed she has is now trying to come into the bedroom and sleep on the carpet - which I wont let her do. I have put up a child barrier at the door and a cushion beside it, but she just cries and whimpers until we let her outside.
Previously she has been content to sleep on the couch all night without any noise until we get up of a morning.

I'm just wondering why the sudden change in behaviour? I cant think of anything that would have scared her in the house.....

Hi Kate. Thanks for your question. I wonder if she is starting to lose her eyesight or hearing? The reason I ask this is that she is 11 years old and has just had the sudden change in behaviour. This would usually indicate that she is not having just a behavioural change but also a medical change. I would recommend taking her to a vet and just getting them to give her a check out and see if they can find out what is wrong. At this old age would take a lot to change a behaviour that was not medical. She is also wanting to stay next to you at night so another reason why something has changed medically. I would not think would be to major but a good checkup would be helpful

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