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Canine Behavior/8yr old Standard Poodle behavior change


QUESTION: Hello! I have an 8 yr old female Standard poodle, and lately shes been acting strange. When I bring her to my house from my parents(about 1 or 2 nights a month) she wont come near me, shakes,only wants to go outside, even after I take her out for a long time and she uses the bathroom. She sits in the other room and stares at me, and when I try to comfort her she shakes and gets stiff. We took her to the vet and she is healthy. She is fine at my parents house. What could it be?

ANSWER: The dog is apparently living with your folks now?  And you bring her to your home 1 or 2 nights a month?  Something is confusing her and causing her great anxiety.  Since this behavior only occurs (IF THIS behavior ONLY OCCURS) under these circumstances, as sad as it is for you, you must leave her with your parents.  As dogs age, their cognition can be affected (as happens in humans).  This cognition loss can result in "strange" fear of things otherwise acceptable, social withdrawal, superstitious behavior and even (occasionally) aggression.  Trying to "comfort" a dog in clear distress is from the human heart, it is an urge to nurture and protect, but the dog misunderstands this as reward ("be afraid, be very afraid").  The dog may have reached an age where she is unable to habituate to new circumstances and requires the security of a routine, day to day life.

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QUESTION: I apologize I should've been more clear: this is a randomly occurring thing with her. She defiantly does it at my house, but she will do it every once in a while at my parents (her permeant home). Sometimes she will ignore everyone at the house and only want to be outside. She acts upset, and bothered, even if no one is near her. She had a seizure about 2 months ago and threw up and urinated on herself. Like I said before, when she was looked at by the vet she is healthy.

"Looked at by the vet"...not good enough.  This dog may be displaying loss of cognition *age related* and/or real behavioral symptoms of physical illness.  Dogs do not display serious pain even with terminal cancer until the very end of their lives, that's their nature.  She needs to be seen by a veterinary behaviorist or a veterinary INTERNIST.  I prefer the behaviorist, obviously.  You can find one by calling the veterinary school in your area or from the following:

I can tell you from recent (last week) personal experience: a close friend's dog (Australian Cattle Dog/ Border Collie mix) has been seen on and off by various veterinarians over the past couple of years because of sudden onset of blindness and overall "odd' behavior.  It was obvious to me the last time I saw him that he was in substantial pain, had become incontinent, and was suffering.  All CBC results came back normal.  I made an appointment with a veterinary internist for the dog.  We were going there last Tuesday.  Monday morning at 3:30 AM the dog died at home.

The change in behavior you describe absolutely requires the most sophisticated medical evaluation before being addressed as strictly behavioral issues.

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