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So I know this is going to sound a little on the crazy side, But I have raised 5 lab puppies from birth, they had no contact with the mom she would have nothing to do with them.  So they are a little over 7 weeks, and the family is on me to let them go, well I'm attached to them as they are to me, and well I wanted to know if in a few months or however time if they will remember me? This is so hard for me to let them go!! So I was hoping they would remember?

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You would be kinder to let them go, at age eight weeks, to good homes.  Many times, when puppies grow up with their litter and stay with them, several things can develop.  Firstly, they become undersocialized to other breeds of dogs, and other individual dogs.  This can actually lead to aggression later.  It's often impossible for someone with 5 puppies to take them ALL to puppy class and get the social and mental stimulation they need, but each owner you place them with could easily do that, and should be required to do it.  A positive training puppy class is their BEST insurance to a successful life!  I would say that puppies can and do remember humans they've had contact with, although the truly unselfish thing would be to let them develop the same wonderful healthy relationship in a permanent home that they've had with you.  You are not crazy, you are a wonderful, caring person to have taken on this responsibility.  But, because they didn't get valuable input from their canine mom, all the more reason for them to go to class early and get socialized very well by their new people.  

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