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Canine Behavior/My puppy is a bit aggresive. and does't listen too well


   My 6 month old puppy, is acting a bit aggressive. Toward me and my 2 little sisters and mother. She is perfectly fine around my step dad. I'm not sure if it's a 'loyalty' thing or not. She is a Boggle and I had her since she was about 8 1/2 weeks. I'm just worried, because I don't want to have to get rid of her, yet my mom is afraid of one of my little sisters getting nipped by her. She will nip, but not bite to like hurt you. And she thinks she like the 'boss' around the house, haha. But sometimes she just gets too like mad, and will end up, growling, barking and nipping. She also has this habit.. I can take her out for  a hour, and she will run inside, and pee and/or poo.. On the floor. She will go out side sometimes, but then again, sometimes she doesn't. She also .. HATES the rain, she doesn't like to go to the bathroom outside, when it is raining, and i don't understand why. Because she is LOVING the snow.

Thank you for your time and concern

To cover the important issue; yes, she does think she's owns the house and right now she actually does. As long as she's allowed or simply not redirected or reprimanded, she is going to continue to think this way. Just curious, is she spayed? And to be honest, I'm not a fan of mix-breeding, so I'm not completely sure what a "Boggle" is.

My favorite thing for this situation is "earn and reward." And it basically means that she HAS to earn whatever kind of attention she is getting. Whether its meal time, getting treats, going on name it. She must perform a command and does NOT get the reward until she has fully done it. For two reasons I live by this. One; it places you guys as the alpha in the household and two; it teaches her her role in the household as the family pet, not the head of the household. I encourage everybody to do this to show her that the boss is not just your step dad.

The other thing to keep in mind that just telling a dog "no" does nothing for them (I'm assuming that could be going on), you also have to redirect and give her an additional command to help her realize what it is she CAN do. And always reward good behavior.

As far as the rain, just accept it. It's a common thing for dogs to hate the rain. It's a weird feeling and can be scary. However, I would force her outside, with someone, of course. And keep her out there while encouraging "potty" and reward when she goes.  

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