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I have a a full bread German Shepherd who is about to be 1. We got her from a pet store who was selling her for a local breeder (she was 2mo) (I have papers for her). The issue we are having is that she is very hyper. I realize that she is still a puppy, but it doesn't seem like she has calmed down at all over the past 8 months. When she sees our cat she goes crazy/will not stop barking. She lays down when you tell her too but it only lasts for a few seconds then she's up running again. We have a male rottie (full as well) and they get along fine. She barks outside ALOT (squirrels, falling leaves, other dogs, our cat. When out side she is in a fenced in yard (pretty good size). My problem mostly is how hyper she is and the barking.Oh, and a very high pitched whining/bark that she makes too...especially when she's getting fed or sees you come outside to get her from her play yard.  Any suggestions to help would be appreciated.

Hi Michele -

Congratulations on your shepherd pup.  My family has had German Shepherds for many years and they are great dogs.  At one year old your dog is still very much a puppy although they have reached a mature size.  If you have not had her spayed by now, please talk to your veterinarian about doing so.  You should contact a local trainer regarding basic obedience classes in either a private or group setting.  The trainer will teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, leave it (great for squirrels) drop it etc, and instruct you on how to get your dog to respect you as a leader such as leash walking techniques, sit stays at the door and before dinner, etc.  Make sure the trainer uses positive reinforcement techniques ( ask them this, please) where the dog is trained to work for things she likes: treats, praise, ear scratch.  This type of training works well with all types of dogs but especially strong willed breeds like German Shepherds.  Make sure she is getting enough exercise.  A daily walk of 30-60 mins is necessary to burn off excess energy and curb unwanted behavior.  As for the vocalizations, all my German Shepherds have done the high pitched squeaky greeting, so it might be part of who she is. As long as she is reasonably controlled and not jumping on you, it's probably ok as long as you don't mind.  If you do not like this type of greeting, she can certainly be trained to greet you differently.  Best of luck with your pup.

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