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Canine Behavior/Dog peeing and back legs not functioning?


Hello, my daughter brought home a puppy for me 10 days ago.  He is a poodle Maltese mix and is 5 months old. He is perfect crate trained and stays in there from  bedtime till morning. When he is not in the crate  We let him outside often and give him treats when he uses the bathroom.  I think he might have something wrong with him. He will come in from outside and pee inches from me, like I literally look away for two minutes and he will go.  Tonight I put him out for approx 10 min. It's 30 degrees and snow covered here.  I called for him and his back legs didn't want to work right. I ran out got him in and wrapped Him in towels.  He licked my face for the first time when I was drying him, almost like he knew something was wrong and thanking me??  My question. Is this.  My daughter got him for free and we are the 3 family he has had.  Is it possible he had a disorder? Or is it common for puppies to behave this way?  We have a Maltese that is a year and he loves her and she is coming around to him and I want to keep him and give him a family because he fits in perfect.  Please advise me if it's possible this is not a training issue.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

Hi Michelle -

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your new pup.  At five months old he must have been examined by a veterinarian for a health exam and vaccines so make sure you have the previous owner(s) provide you these records either by photocopy or by faxing them to your own veterinarian.  Any previous problems should be documented in his health history if the prior owners told his veterinarian he was having lameness in the rear end or brought him in to be seen for it.  I am not a veterinarian so I cannot diagnose a health problem, but since your pup is five months old I would contact your veterinarian to discuss your concerns.  There are many tick-bourne diseases, conformation issues, etc that your doctor can test for via bloodwork, x-ray, etc.  If he has not been neutered yet, it is also an optimal time for a pre-op health screening so you can address all your concerns at once.
As for a behavioral issue...the only things I can think of would be improper housetraining, submissive urination (see link below) marking in the house due to being an intact male (unneutered) or he did not eliminate outside because he felt it was a playtime due to the snow he got excited (also possibly slipped and injured - pulled a muscle like we do)and ended up having an accident once inside.
If it was my dog I would take him to the vet just to make sure he is okay.  If the accidents continue, get him neutered if he isn't already and contact a local dog trainer for a couple sessions to work on housetraining.  Best of luck with your new pup.  Keep me posted.

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