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I have a 2 yr. old english bulldog that gets aggressive towards my 1 1/2 yr. old grandson. He jumps upon me in an attempt to get to the child. He snaps and is relentless. This appeats to only hapoen when I am home as the two have played together with no problems when I am not home. When I am home we have to put the dog in another room or he goed "crazy" trying to get to my grandson. Im not sure what to do at this point.
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This sounds like a very serious issue as no dog should be displaying this kind of behaviorf towards another person, especially a child. You basically need to reinforce who the alpha is in the household.

I would start with making sure the dog realizes his place in the household by implementing an earn and reward process. Each and everything little thing including meals, treats, attention; must be earned otherwise the reward does not happen.

How do you handle the dog when he reacts? Yelling or physical means to move the dog?  

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