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Canine Behavior/Puppy marking his territory.


Hello Jill, I have a 5 month old cavachon puppy who has been marking his "territory" recently. He is almost completely potty trained except for the occasional once a week accident. But when I went to work last week my mom said that while I was gone, he peed on two of my shorts. Then when I took him to the bathroom this morning, he sniffed around the yard and found one of my old hats in the yard and peed right on it. My mom also said that when I go to work or school, he waits in front of the door until I get home. I don't know how to get him to stop peeing on all of my stuff because I don't like washing all of my clothes all the time. He also has not been to a vet yet, we have an appointment next week at a vet to get him his shots and to get him fixed.

A FIVE month old puppy should have been vaccinated at this point.  A good "breeder" will do three vaccinations (because titers acquired from mother can decay and it's impossible to tell when that occurs), these are introductory vaccinations.  A small breed dog should be vaccinated NOT with a 6, or 7, in one vaccine, but first for Parvo, in a few weeks Distemper, and followed by rabies vaccination.  Lepto and other vaccinations are necessary only if the dog lives in certain circumstances.  Your dog is at extreme risk of Parvo virus, which is almost always deadly.  There's no excuse for allowing a puppy to go without proper veterinary care.

This is a hybrid of Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise, it is a "mixed breed" puppy.  Such "designer dogs" are produced by people who are trying to make money.  The "hybrid vigor" that exists in a multiple generation hybrid does not pertain to a first generation progeny.  If this puppy came from a careless or inexperienced breeder and was sold before the appropriate age, he has lost his primary caregiver(s) and is now exhibiting some separation issues.  Urinating on your objects is a way of "reminding" you where to "find" him.  The dog has no idea that you don't function by the culture to which he belongs.

Your "stuff" should not be lying around (in the house or in the yard) for him to  mark.  He can't be neutered until he is adequately vaccinated.  In fact, do NOT ALLOW HIS FEET TO TOUCH THE FLOOR in the veterinary office: CARRY HIM IN AND OUT.  Confine the puppy to a safe and secure area with water bowl and safe toys and soft bed (such as the kitchen) if your mother is unavailable to watch him and TAKE HIM OUT on leash (ONLY ON YOUR PROPERTY, do not take this dog out onto the street).  You must see to it that your clothing is not available for him to mark.  If moderate intervention such as this does the "trick", that's good.  Otherwise I have designed a treatment for separation anxiety so you can re-post using followup feature.

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