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2 Nites ago our dog woz staring at something when we went to bed he started crying den runnong round house like he was chasing something and something was chasing him and kept us awake all night since den he will not go in bedroom at night and if we take him in there he,ll either jump all over us or get right down underneath duvet can u give me advice as hes kept us awake all night for last couple of nights

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You are writing to me about some odd behavior going on in your dog as of lately. Often what seems unexplainable to us, makes completely sense in our canine companions. Equipped with much better senses than us, dogs are often capable of hearing noises in the ultrasonic range that our ears of incapable of hearing. Also, they are blessed with a superior sense of smell that makes them detect things we can hardly notice. While this behavior seems odd, almost suggesting some sort of paranormal activity, more often than not, this sort of behavior is caused by some critter sharing the home.

There are chances there may some mouse living in the walls, in the attic or under the deck. Mice emit squeaks in the ultrasonic range that are undetectable by our ears. The presence of these critters often arouse dogs a lot causing them to whine, pace around and act restless. Sometime the critter may be something small like a cockroach or a cricket, but more often than not, it's some sort of rodent. If this behavior is seen mostly in the night, consider that many critters are nocturnal and start moving about in the night. This is also the time when critters start building nests and looking for places to spend the winter. This means scratching, digging and chewing. It may be worth it to have some sort of inspection done to see if there are any critters sharing the home with you. Your dog's behavior will likely not extinguish until the critter is removed.

However, it's always a good idea to also rule out medical conditions when some odd behaviors like this pop out of the blue and a reasonable explanation cannot be found. For instance, there are cases of dogs suffering from seizures and exhibiting odd behaviors at times. Some dogs may start snapping at imaginary flies, licking the air and at times even acting frightened, hiding, whining, barking pacing and acting clingy to the owners. Often these behaviors happen prior to seizure. You can read more about seizures here:

You do not mention the age of your dog,but elderly dogs at times suffer from vision problems and cognitive dysfunction which may cause odd, night-time behaviors. The condition is called "canine cognitive dysfunction." You can read more about it here:

I hope this helps explain possible causes of this odd night-time behavior! You can try seeing if you can calm him down by offering some distractions such as offering a stuffed Kong or some safe chew toy. But many times, dogs are too aroused to want to eat or chew. So it's really worth it to try finding the root of the problem and treating it accordingly so your dog can go back to behaving normally and you can enjoy resting nights once again.
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