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Canine Behavior/Jack Russell Terrier


dogiewoogie wrote at 2014-02-14 07:07:44
Hi, Belle is really cute! I have had the same problems like you do. I was kind of hopeless thinking about it sometimes. I've search through the web for lending me great tips and advice but, I'm not that satisfied. Until I found this site... ( and my first thought was preparing myself again for a long battle of reading kilometers of words. But, to my great surprise I didn't notice myself grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting comfortably in my chair and just "watched and then learned". This is such an amazing site and I really mean it. I have long been using this site until now. I have never expected that all my stress and problems about my dog would be gone and that he would be good and polite as he is now. I'm very much thankful to this site's 250 plus "Training Videos" with different categories. And so, I would highly recommend this to you. Because, their methods are really effective and totally works! I hope this helps. :)  

Canine Behavior

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I can answer questions pertaining dog psychology and general dog behavior. Why is my dog doing this? And what can I do about it? are common questions I am asked. I will not answer questions concerning health problems as this is out of my spectrum, but I can recommend a vet visit if there are chances behavioral problems may stem from a possible underlying medical problem.


I am a certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) that has attended seminars on dog behavior. I am acquainted with behavior modification programs and have read several books from reputable authors such as Patricia McConnell, Turid Rugaas, Nicholas Dodman and Bruce Fogle to name a few. I have rehabilitated dogs affected by moderate to severe behavioral problems.

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