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I am watching a dog for my friend and according to her she is well house trained. However, today she already peed 3 times in my home. The first time was a long pee, I guess because she was on a long car ride, now other 2 times a smaller amount. There is no blood in her pee and no licking at her private area to suggest a UTI. Once she peed on a blanket that smells like our other dogs, the second time right under my legs. It doesn't look like excitement or submissive urination. I have DAP diffuser in my home, but could she be marking because of stress? or because of the smell of other dogs? She is taken out to pee every 3 hours and is a year old. Not sure what to think of this behavior. Thanks for your time.

The dog is not truly house trained or it would have transferred to your environment.  That being said, there is a strong chance that the presence of other dogs (if she has not been well socialized to other dogs) and the separation from her owner has totally confused her.  I do not know what breed this dog is or anything else about her, for that matter.  Put her on long house tab (lightweight leash) and keep her with you at all times, observing her.  If she begins to urinate, clap your hands, sing a loud song, do not direct it AT her just do it to "startle" (not frighten) and interrupt the urination.  THEN take her outdoors: carry treats (Iams makes "shakeables" my dog loves them, they are small round chewy treats available in supermarkets).  When she has FINISHED urinating, praise lavishly and pop a treat into her mouth, then take her back inside.  If you are unable to observe her, confine her to your kitchen (leave your dogs at large in the house) so her urination cannot harm wood floors or carpets.  Use a combination of white vinegar and water to eliminate (or try to, anyway) the smell.  If you have linoleum, chances are urine has passed between the cracks; if you have tile floors, and they are sealed with grout, this won't happen.

This too shall pass.  Tell your friend her dog is failing in her housetraining and pass on to her my hints at how to remedy it.  This is a young dog in a stressful situation and it won't last forever.  Be patient and calm and loving.

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