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Hi, I have a 3 yr old Jack Russell, he is the absoulte joy of my husband & I. He's a perfect happy healthy dog. We had been wanting to breed him for the first time. Well we met a beautiful healthy Minpin. They hit it off immediatly needless to say. After being stuck together for 14 minutes & freaking me out. I used the sugar water to help them out. A few hours afterwards everything was calm & back to normal. He was real whiney, which isn't like him. So I picked him up like I always do to put him on the couh with us. And he yelped & gentlely nipped me. He's never nipped anybody. So jason whose in love with Russ trys to comfort him. He's not swollen down there or anything. So time goes on & we take him out before bed. He's having trouble wakling up the steps & then the worst thing happend, he couldn't get in the bed with us. Which broke my heart. I don't want my baby Russ to be in pain & I'm the one who caused this. He often used to hump Jasons leg so I don't thinking its muscles he's not used to using. Is this normal. I'm getting him fixed tommorow because I know he can smell all the in heat dogs in our area, & that's probably not fun. What should I do?

Hi Jessica -

I am glad to hear that you are getting your pup fixed.  I would certainly mention the lameness to your veterinarian so Russ can be examined before the surgery and be cleared of any health issues before the anesthesia.  I wouldn't worry too much.  Dogs can "tweak" stuff just like people, limp around for a few days, and then be fine.  I am not a veterinarian though, so it is always best to direct your health concerns to your pet's doctor.  Good-luck.

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