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Hi,  I started couponing about a year ago and about 3 months in, my dog started acting very strange.  I use plastic sheet protectors, a three ring binder, and scissors... And of course the newspaper.  

Her first strange behavior was that she started climbing things... Laundry piles, chairs, she even tried to climb on top of a small box leaning beside the couch,  at first, I thought this behavior was her trying to get my attention.  So I stopped, ensured she had food and drink and took her for a stroll around the neighborhood.  When we returned, she tried climbing Me.  I was sitting at the dining room table, and she forced her way on my lap and then proceeded to try to climb on my head.  I gave up clipping coupons for the day.

The next week, I tried sitting on the floor, thinking that if she could be close to me, she would feel satisfied.  I gave her water, fresh food, and took her for a walk and we played a bit with her toy.  As soon as I sat down to start couponing, she again reacted in a way in which she tried to climb on top of my head.  She became hot and started to pant, exhibiting signs of anxiety.  I, in turn, gave up couponing for the time being.

I guess my question is, what would cause my dog to fear binders or page protectors.  She's a jack Russell mixed with a cairn terrier and she's 12 years old.  If I stop, she's fine.  As soon as I start she freaks out.  What gives?

Something about the sound involved or the articles themselves is alarming the dog.  At 12, cognition can be (even slightly) affected by age. This means a dog can overreact to totally NEW experiences, unable to process the meaning.  I can't see anything from here so I really have no idea what exactly is setting off her fear response, but I suggest you do NOT pursue this activity while the dog is present.  It isn't worth the stress to her.  Perhaps you can set aside a space in another room and spend a few minutes each day in there with a radio playing (a dog's hearing is fairly acute although at 12 she may have some hearing loss, as well).

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