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Canine Behavior/Jack Russell Terrier 5 months old


I have crate trained him, he learned very quickly, but when he is around my things or me at night he is constantly urinating, if he gets angry he will urinate by the other male dog.  He knows its wrong because as soon as see's me going towards it he runs. I am the person he is attached to and I am a female, is he claiming me? What can I do for this aggressive urination behavior(not submissive)? Would Neutering help?

Hi Haydee -

Yes neutering will help.  Talk to your veterinarian about getting that done ASAP.
His urination is not aggressive, he is simply being a dog.  Urine is how dogs communicate with each other regarding territory, sexual maturity, and heat cycles in females. The behavior you are describing is called marking and it is how a dog claims things such as territory, the couch, even their owners.  It is much more common in un-neutered males but can happen in neutered males also, even females.
What you can do: clean up all accidents with a white-vinegar/water solution or an enzyme product like Nature's Miracle.  Try to catch him in the act and startle him by saying No and clapping your hands - then take him outside to go pee.
I have included an article with some information on this topic.  Please consult a certified dog trainer if you continue to have problems after the neuter surgery.  Good-luck!

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