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QUESTION: I had two dogs I bought from a breeder. They were adopted at ages 4 and 6 and were "retired Breeding dogs". One died in January leaving the now 10 year old alone. I went back to the breeder and brought home a little 7 year old unsprayed show and breeding dog. My 10 year old hates her. It has been 5 weeks and I am beside myself trying to determine if it is best If I bring her back to the breeder at this point and just let the 10 year continue to bond closely with me. She has ignored the  new 7 year old the entire 5 weeks. Both vye for my attention but get it separately now as my 10 year old does not like her. WHAT IN HECK SHOULD I DO? I frankly feel I made a very very poor decision in getting another dog only 3 weeks after my 13 year old died. Thank you for any thoughts on this issue

ANSWER: There is NO WAY any legitimate breeder would put an UNSPAYED bitch into a home.

My suggestion: you see there's a problem; the overbreeding of a 7 year old bitch (and the fact she's still intact) alarms me and may pose future health issues.  At five weeks, the new addition has yet to even begin to habituate to your household.  At ten years, your older dog may be quite unable to adjust to any new addition (but same sex is a big problem).

I suggest you return the new addition.  I also suggest you find a more professional breeder in this breed of your choice.  Go to the breed's AKC website.  Look at breeder referrals and, especially, "rescue" contacts.  The Rescue contacts in most purebred dogs that are part of the AKC club know the "bad" breeders.  They may not SAY they are "bad", but they WILL say "I wouldn't suggest that" or some such thing.  There are most likely some retired show dogs out there looking for good homes, but a legitimate breeder will be quite careful with whom she places them and there is most likely a waiting list.  Just let the older dog live out her life in peace as an "only child".

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QUESTION: Thank you VERY much for your response. Actually I should tell you that she is an AKC breeder and breeder with Excellence and Merit to add to her credentials. I have adopted two other dogs from her including my older one but both were spayed and had current shots. I took the 7 year old to the vet and he told me she needs to be spayed and 4 molars removed as they are all loose.  I spent another 350.00 on getting her teeth cleaned and one incisor removed as it was falling out.

Thank you again for your feedback. I appreciate it. This will be difficult to do but I think it best I return her.  Sincerely, SJ

This is NOT an "excellent" breeder.  The AKC does NOT inspect kennels and homes of breeders.  "Excellence" and "Merit" mean nothing to me.  This 7 year old had KNOWN dental problems (which can actually destroy a dog's heart) which were NEGLECTED.  That's no breeder of merit and my best guess is: the real breeders of merit in this breed know all about her, and it ain't good.

NO "show dog" is unsocialized and fearful; won't win in the ring.
NO "show dog" is "run on" past the age of four (maximum) unless it is a multiple group winner
NO bitch should be bred past the age of 5 (6, tops, and that's stretching it)
NO "good breeder" puts an unneutered or unspayed dog in a pet home
NO "good breeder" allows dental problems to accrue, which can be ultimately life threatening
NO "good breeder" has ANY stock that is left in the kennel; rather, if there are many dogs on premises, dogs are often shuffled (do "house" time)
The bottom line is: from your description, this breeder is an idiot.

I wouldn't return a dead dog to her.  Just sayin'.

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