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Canine Behavior/dog defacation in house


We have a 7 year old Husky/Malamut mix who will not poop unless my husband is standing next to him. At times he will do the potty dance, and when we let him outside he will start to go to the yard, turn around and see that my husband is not there, and come back and sit and the door whimpering. He will sit there at the door for hours whimpering. If my husband goes outside with him, the dog will stay on the patio until my husband walks out to the grass. Rudy will then follow and do his business. This has been the case since I met them 4 years ago. Lately, however, it's been getting worse, and last night around 4am he woke up, walked from my side of the bed to my husbands side and pooped next to the bed on the carpet, walked back over to my side and layed down to go back to sleep.
We have attempted to kennel him and let him out at periodic intervals, but he will hold it until he no longer can and then spray feces out of the cage. I am at my wits end. Are you aware of what emotional issue could be causing this behavior?

Now, this is a NEW one for me!  The best guess I can offer is that, somehow, social status is involved here (between your husband and the dog).  Defecation in a shared, social space (and this can be one room or a huge castle!) can be regulated by social status.  In such a case, a dog will defer and refuse to defecate without the "allowance" of that one higher in social status (in this case your husband).  When he defecated on the side of the bed your husband sleeps in, he was desperately attempting to do the "right" thing.  Confining him to the crate is not the answer; in fact, it is socially isolating, further demotes him in social hierarchy, and "when ya gotta go, ya gotta go" so it is forcing him to go against his own nature and the (apparent) strong social inhibition he has acquired.

I suggest you need to consult a certified applied animal behaviorist (NOT a dog trainer).  If you and your husband are interviewed and the dog is evaluated and observed with both of you by someone with the education and experience to read dog body language and make sense of this odd problem (and yes, it is possible to make sense of it), then you will be given a course of action to empower the dog's status in your hierarchy.  At age 7, he may experience response perseverance (hard to change "old habits") but it's worth a try.  If the dog does defecate indoors out of desperation, do not yell at him (he will never defecate in front of you if you yell at him).  Pick it up in his presence and go out to the yard with it. Allow the dog to accompany you.  Put it down in plain sight of him and have a "party" for five seconds: be very, very happy (don't direct it at him) and then go on as usual.  Something is inhibiting this dog from defecating in your presence, PERHAPS (past "indiscretions" that were "punished" or provoked your anger or frustration).  It CAN be fixed.

You can find a CAAB at one of the following sites or by calling the veterinary school in your geographical area:  

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