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I have three Wheaton terriors.2 are three years old and are litter mates female and male.We bought from a pet shop.I was just told never to get liter mates. I also have a 6 year old female Wheaton terrior.they have all lived together for three years.All are neutered or spayed. We have not change our routine. In the last month the 2 three year olds have attacked the 6 year old three time, requiring treatment by a vet each time. One incident she ended up with 20 staples and stiches.They are outside chasing a squirrel and the 6 yr old sniped at the female 3 yr old and then the male 3yr old and the female both attacked the 6 year old. They are no longer locked up together. I have tried to keep them apart.I do not know what to do. I believe they will not stop attacking her.What would cause this behavior after 3 years? What should I do about it? It would break the kids hearts to give one away since each own one.

You have a pack related issue among these dogs.  At age three, the domestic dog acquires the first threshold of maturity.  These two, being litter mates, may share temperament in a way that makes them (if not equal, at least) compatible: they have (hopefully, no guaranty) sorted out social hierarchy between them.  (They have NO idea they are litter mates.)  Being of opposite sex, it's most likely the male is following the female's lead (which is common).  Perhaps on his own, he would be more placid and docile toward your 6 yo but I can't see anything from here.

The level of injury is a serious indicator of future behavior.  These two are not going to stop without professional evaluation and intervention; even then, they may not stop.  During the squirrel chase, you describe redirected aggression (6 yo "sniping" at 3 yo) and the resulting "attack" from both 3 yo dogs is a pack related social statement.  Dog to dog aggression CAN BE a precursor to dog to human aggression, and usually it's a child that suffers.

Keeping them apart is not an option.  Those two WILL find a way to get to the 6 yo and may likely kill her.  You have two options:
1.  Find a certified applied animal behaviorist in or near your area (and check credentials, anyone can call themselves anything), hopefully from one of the two sites below:

It will be a lengthy process of evaluating each dog individually, observing the two 3 yo together, then observing body language among them when the 6 yo is introduced.  It SHOULD also involve interviews with the children MINUS their parents (you'd be amazed at what children say during such interviews).

Since this appears to be "on sight" the prognosis is not good; let's say, it's guarded.  It's going to take a lot of work and if your children are young (under age 12) they will not be able to fully participate, leaving the dogs at risk of getting together with a seriously bad ending (including the possibility that a human is injured trying to intervene, and such injury can be quite severe.)

2.  Go to the AKC site for Wheaton Terriers and look for a rescue person associated with the club in your area to place the OLDER dog who has NO visible problem behaviors that you report.  Because this breed is produced so heavily by puppy mills, you may not succeed in finding a bona fide rescue person.  But, it's well worth the effort.  Approach the Humane Society (NOT the municipal kill shelter!) and see if they are willing to evaluate the dog for the purpose of taking her for re-homing.  

Meanwhile: allowing PREY DRIVE INTERACTION IS NOT PERMISSIBLE.  NONE of these dogs should be in any situation where they are "chasing" anything, nor should they be competing in any way for attention, toys, treats, etc.  

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