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Hello, as of last Sunday night my boxer dog, whom is almost 5 years of age, has become very lethargic. She is still eating and drinking normally. Her behavior is very lethargic she will just lay in her kennel all day and not move. Normally when we call her she will come trotting up happy as can be and give and receive love. Since Sunday she has become just tired and sad looking. I will call her and it's almost as if she doesn't hear me or have any energy to come and greet me. Last night we have company over, she came and greeted the person as she normally would however she was not jumping all over the, she was very calm.
I have looked over her body for ticks and have not found any.

Hi Samantha -

Sorry to hear that your pup isn't feeling well. This is a medical question, not a behavior question that I am not qualified to answer. Please contact your dog's vet regarding the lethargic behavior to rule out a medical condition. Depending on where you live, tick diseases can cause a multitude of symptoms so your veterinarian will be able to diagnose whatever may be going on and help your dog to start feeling better. Good-luck!

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