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Thank you so much for your time.  I have a 2 year old golden retriever, black lab mix.  Bruno is a great family dog.  He gets along well with our female chihuahua and neighbors dogs.  We are going out of town for a few days and need to board him.  He went a few times to a doggie daycare last year and some dog obedience.  He hasn't been to a daycare setting in over a year, so I am a little nervous about him going now.  He is neutered and not aggressive with other dogs (unless they are in our yard).  He is if anything submissive.  The other day at the vet when getting his annual shots and exam, he urinated on the floor.  For a dog like this, would it be better to board him with our vet or would a doggie daycare be worth trying out?  I know it is hard to access the situation well without having met the dog yourself but in general do dogs with urination submission do well in daycares?  Thank you so much.

Well I happen to be in exactly your situation and boy is it ever hard!

Your dog was simply doing what he should be as his self perceived social status when he urinated out of fear/submission.  Most dogs are "afraid" at the vet office.  It's fairly normal.  I happen to have a veterinarian who takes a great deal of time to defuse such fear and actually welcomes clients with their dogs for visits (unpaid) to his clinic on a routine basis for the dog(s) to habituate to the friendliness of the staff.  This is quite unusual, as you most likely know!

Doggie daycare can look oh so ever so wonderful and magical from the outside, even to an experienced eye.  Doesn't mean it is ever so wonderful and magical.  Bottom line: a "luxury" kennel is preferred after at least one unexpected visit by you for a "tour".  These places may not be available in your area.  I live in the country now also and the closest to me is fully 50 minutes away (at least) off the Thruway.  I did use one such "luxury resort" last April for ten days when I went to Europe and boy was I sorry.  My dog was so dehydrated I could literally pull her flesh from her frame on both sides and she had dropped about six ounces which, for a Toy Poodle, is a lot of weight: and THAT place got a five star review in this area!  AND it is attached to a veterinary practice!  Never again.

If you can't find a "luxury resort" and your local doggy daycare is (after several casual visits) not quite what you expected or want for your dog: your veterinarian is the last resort (unless you can find a private dog sitter who takes dogs into her home and even then great references have to be followed up by casual drop ins before you leave your dog there, trust me, tried that too.)  The veterinary staff knows your dog; he will not be subjected to other dogs (because he will, unfortunately, be kenneled and allowed outdoors either on leash by a staff member or because there is a run available to him).  But he will be safe.  Maybe not the happiest dog in the world for a day or two after you bring him home (which is, by the way, normal and does not necessarily indicate an unpleasant experience by the dog), but safe and in good hands.

Proceed with caution.  If you wouldn't leave your three year old child in a place, don't leave your dog lol.

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