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I have two bull terriers the female is now in heat for the first time now the male is getting crazy. He even gets agressive torwards us now and wants to bite us when we are near him or het sometimes? Why? Will this go away or not after the in heat season of the female?

He may be aggressive because you are preventing him from breeding the female. It's very likely a frustration/redirection issue. I do not think that you should breed these dogs, quite frankly, unless you receive some mentoring from a very responsible show breeder.  I'm glad that you asked your question here, but it does tell me that you aren't ready to breed dogs - you just simply don't have enough knowledge yet.  I do know a very good trainer in South Africa who could refer you to a mentor, perhaps, but I really think you should spay your female and neuter your male if you don't feel you can devote a LOT of time and expense to the learning journey:-)  Her name is Louise Thompson, and you can find her on the Pet Professional Guild web page.

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